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Buy Tadalafil Online (Cialis)

Cialis was developed in the the USA laboratories in an effort to create a better version of Viagra.

We have to admit that they have succeeded in their efforts. Cialis has the following characteristics:

  • Great tolerance
  • Long-lasting action
  • No serious side effects
  • Compatible with alcohol
  • Increases libido in men aged 30-45!

Probably the most popular medication to treat the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Similar to Levitra and Viagra, Cialis relaxes plain muscles of the pelvis and increases blood flow to the penis, resulting in a good erection. This erection occurs only with sexual excitement.

Want to organise an unforgettable weekend? Want to surprise your partner?
You only need Cialis!

You can take up to 20mg of Cialis per day without any side effects. It is also 100% compatible with alcohol and fatty foods, so a romantic dinner or a work party will not become a problem for your sexual adventures. Notice an effect after just 20 minutes, which will continue for 36 hours!

Enjoy sex as many times as you want, any time of the night or day. That’s why they call it the weekend pill.

Cialis Administration:

  • Take Cialis 20-40 minutes before sexual intercourse
  • Effect lasts for up to 36 hours
  • Recommended dose: 5-20 mg
  • Maximum dose: 40 mg