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Quality generic preparation to treat erectile dysfunction for men with Tadalafil active ingredient.



How Vidalista works?

Tadalafil starts impacting erection process in men through the process called a phosphodiesterase type 5 or PDE-5 inhibition. PDE-5 enzymes cab be found typically in a penile organ area. It relaxes smooth muscle and increase blood pressure there, which results in strong and sustainable erection.

Is Vidalista safe to use?

Even though Vidalista is a new preparation, medical experts have done a lot of research on its action, effectiveness and safety. Many studies have shown its remarkable effect and in addition to that ensured the safety. Tadalafil remains one of the three most popular preparations in the field of erectile dysfunction treatment.

What is the right dosage of Vidalista?

If a man faces only minor troubles with erection than standard dosage of 20 mg should be more than enough. However, if you are a first time user, we highly recommend to start with a smaller dosage, such as 5 or 10 mg. For severe cases, a dosage can be increased to 40 mg per day under a supervision of your doctor. Please note that it is always possible to split tablet by 2 and get half of a nominated dosage. Do not use Vidalista more than once a day.

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Vidalista is a brand new preparation to treat erectile dysfunction of men. It is a generic version of Cialis product and has the same active ingredient - Tadalafil. The effect time can last for 36 hours and 2.5mg dosage is the perfect to start with. Bring something new in your sexual experience forgetting about ED for the whole weekend!

  • Active Substance
  • Manufacturer
  • Concentration
    2.5 mg
  • Effect duration
    24-36 hours
  • Classification
    PDE5 inhibitor
  • Packaging
20-60 mg/day
headache, blur vision, reddening of face, nasal congestion, nausea
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