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Buy Vardenafil (Levitra) Online:

If 5 hours of Viagra is not enough for you and 36 hours is too much, then you should try Levitra, which we can easily call improved version of Viagra, which already helped millions of men in the world!

Mechanism of action is almost identical as in Viagra. By greatly increasing blood pressure to penis, Levitra forces very strong and sustainable erection, which lasts up to 6 hours. The active substance Vardenafil has a high selectiveness and an absorption rate which gives it advantage over Viagra. Levitra showed its effectiveness even where Viagra failed.

Levitra is a great and time-tested preparation, which treats erectile dysfunction problem of men!

Levitra administration route:
- Take Levitra 20-30 minutes before sex
- Effect time: 6 hours
- Recommended dose: 20 mg
- Highest dose: 40 mg

Advantages and precautions:
  • - Every tablet has 20 mg of Vardenafil
  • - Effect is 20-30 minutes after taking Levitra. (3 times faster than Viagra)
  • - Levitra has a good compatibility with alcohol or fatty food and does not prevent absorption.
  • - Major researches showed effectiveness of Levitra even where Viagra failed.
  • - Tolerance: Levitra has a very good tolerance. Possibility of side effects is less than 2%!