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One of the best options to treat Erectile Dysfunction disorders in men of all ages.




Which form does Tadagra has?

Tadagra is available in 10 tablets blisters.

How to store Tadagra?

It is recommended to store Tadagra at temperatures not exceeding 25 degrees Celsius in a dark and dry place out of the reach of children.

Can I use Tadagra daily?

Yes, you can. Many of our customers use Tadagra that way. Tadagra is the best preparation to therapeutically treat erectile dysfunction. Take one a small dose every day in one time and you will be able to erect at any time when sexual stimulus occurs. However, never take dose twice and more a day.

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TADAGRA-60 MG is a famous generic of Cialis brand product, which proved to be one of the best options to treat Erectile Dysfunction disorders in men of all ages. Erectile Dysfunction is a common condition, which can happen due to modern lifestyle, lacking of movement and proper nutrition. Generally, it is an inability to erect hard enough to make sex. TADAGRA is a new formula, which gives an ability to erect hard for up to 36 hours long when the sexual stimulus occurs. TADAGRA works as PDE-5 inhibitor. This process relaxes smooth muscles and widens blood vessels in the penile organ that results in hard erection and ability of men to have a sexual intercourse. The effect takes place only when a man is sexually aroused. TADAGRA should be swallowed with a sip of water once in a day at least 30 to 60 minutes before planned sexual activity. Caution! 60mg is a highest dosage possible of Tadalafil and can be used only under medical supervision. Never take it without doctor’s prescription as it may results in severe side effects and life threatening conditions. Also check to determine the presence of incompatible drugs such as nitrates, usually presented in angina and atherosclerosis medications.

  • Active Substance
  • Manufacturer
  • Concentration
    60 mg
  • Absorbtion time
    1 hour
  • Effect duration
    24-36 hours
  • Classification
    PDE5 inhibitor
  • Packaging
20-60 mg/day
headache, flushing, dyspepsia, nasal congestion, abnormal Vision, diarrhea, dizziness
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