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The best Viagra generic on the market in a new form


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Buy Sildenafil Online (Viagra):

Originally Viagra was intended to be a medicine for angina, however the active substance of Viagra - Sildenafil was not good enough to treat it, but had a beautiful side effect which gave it the whole world popularity. The ability to increase blood flow to the pelvis made it very effective on treating the erectile dysfunction. This is how the legendary preparation Viagra had been born 20 years ago.

If you have any problems with erection or just want to strengthen it, have full and prolonged sex and give even more pleasure to your partner, try this fabulous Viagra which had helped millions of men all over the world!

This is how it works. The active substance Sildenafil Citrate relaxes plain muscles of the penis, which leads to increased blood flow, and thus stronger erection. You can take up to 100 mg of Sildenafil a day without any harm to your health. We recommend to take Viagra with water on an empty stomach. After just 40 to 50 minutes you will feel very strong blood flow to your penis. The effect will continue 4-5 hours, so you can enjoy your sex and not to worry about the quality of your erection, Viagra will take care of it. Also an erection occurs only with sexual arousal, so do not worry if you have to go somewhere out after a sex.

If you had a dinner or drank some alcohol, we recommend to additionally buy Levitra.

Viagra administration route:
Take Viagra 40-60 minutes before a sex
The effect time is 4-5 hours
Recommended dose – 25-100 mg
Highest dose – 150 mg

Viagra should be taken with a sip of water on an empty stomach.

Advantages and precautions:
Сompatibility: alcohol and fatty food decreases a blotting capacity by 30% and delay an effect by 20 minutes!
Additional effect: Based on major research findings, Viagra has showed good for treating psychological problems, resulting in better self-rating and confidence.
Tolerance: Viagra has good tolerance. There is a possibility of some side effects in about 9% of cases. Typically, it is blush and small nasal stuffiness.