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Highly efficient oral medication to cope with Erectile Dysfunction issues




Is Filitra safe?

It is proved to be safe, surely. Its major component, Vardenafil, is a well-known and safe drug for erectile dysfunction treatment. Indeed, if you want to use it properly, safely and effectively, you need to follow some rules and give some attention to several precautions.

To whom can Filitra be prescribed?

It is prescribed to all men of the ages 18 to 75 which have an erectile dysfunction problem.

Filitra and Driving.

According to the medical association, no studies were conducted to find out how Filitra or its main component Vardenafil may affect an ability to use machines or drive. However, we can assume that dizziness and abnormal vision, which are some of the Filitra side effects, may cause some problems to that ability. Please be aware of that and consider in a responsible manner.

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Filitra is a highly efficient oral medication to cope with Erectile Dysfunction issues. It effectively treats the male impotency and brings back to life couples sexual relationships. It includes Vardenafil as a main ingredient, which may be one of the strongest erectile dysfunction medication and functions for nearly all men. It acts as a phosphodiesterase (PDE-5) inhibitor and relaxes smooth muscles of the male organ. The recommended dosage of Filitra is usually one tablet of 20 mg per day, which is used orally 30 minutes just before the sexual intercourse with a plenty of water. Do not take more than one pill as it could show harmful side effects. You may take this medication with or without food. Vardenafil isn't safe to take with with nitrates and iso-sorbides. These medicines have a tendency to inter-respond with the medication and can lead to sever effects such as strong dizziness, fainting or even heart attack. We always recommend consulting your physician before use to have the best out of your treatment and sexual experience.

  • Active Substance
  • Manufacturer
  • Concentration
    20 mg
  • Effect duration
    5-7 hours
  • Classification
    PDE5 inhibitor
  • Packaging
10-60 mg/day
dizziness, flushing, indigestion, vision changes, headache, stuffy nose
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