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Generic Cialis - Is It Safe?

Cialis is a product, introduced to the general public in 2003 which enhances the sexual performance of men with symptoms of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Of course before you start taking any supplements, consult your doctor.

If you are allergic to Cialis, please do not consume.

High trees get more wind

Men are the high trees of life, Men work hard, they have a lot of responsibilities and they have the task of looking after their families. This takes its toll on a man’s body.

They are also not often used to beauty regimens as women are. They often tend to think that they don’t need facials, pedicures, manicures, etc like women do. Men often also suffer from many embarrassing conditions, such as:

For the purpose of this article, we will focus on sexual dysfunction only.

There are many reasons for the body to dysfunction on a sexual level. Some of the most common causes are as follows:

Overly-energetic celebrities

Some celebrities have bragged about having sexual intercourse with more than the average amount of partners in the past.

According to, who listed them on their website in this article.

In my opinion, it’s hard to understand where they got the energy from, looking at these statistics and even harder to understand when they then actually had the time to do the things they became famous for!

We aren’t all celebrities and we aren’t all machines, I’m afraid.

The fact of the matter is that when we get older, it becomes more difficult to do the things we did when we were young.

Interesting facts about erectile dysfunction:

The highest rates of erectile dysfunction occur during the following age groups of men:

Want to get an erection and keep it for 36 hours?

A harder erection is better. For you and your partner. No buts about it.

Why have sex? What does sex do for you?

People don’t use sex only to have babies - to procreate, Sex is for pleasure and it has a plethora of good and interesting reasons to do it, often.

There’s a whole list of interesting statistics about why you should have sex and a lot of it, too! The basics of it is that, during orgasm, your body releases endorphins (the feel-good hormones) and oxytocin. This has an amazing effect on you, your psyche, your cells and your wellbeing..

The positive effects of sex

The negative effects of sex

The negative effects of sex might be that if you have it with someone other than your partner, they might be totally pissed. Other than that, no other negative effects were found during the research for the writing of this article.

Might I add that most women are not satisfied with their sex lives? But that’s another article for another day.
Don’t let it be your fault, man.

But did you also know, that people who are paralysed below the waist, are able to have an orgasm? (I didn’t know that before researching this article.)

Interesting facts about Cialis

Cialis is similar to Viagra, but quite different

It is a drug for men that suffer from erectile dysfunction and after the patent for Tadalafil expired, it has been open day on Cialis, as prices dropped dramatically and any registered medical reseller could then start to sell it.

It is also known as the weekend pill

Why is that? Because Cialis, other than Viagra, can work for a period of up to 36 hours. It can be at your beck and call, so to speak and you don’t have to consume it within a specific time, before having sex.

You can consume it every day, as a daily medicine and it will keep you ready whenever you need to have sex.

Everybody knows that when you get older, your pecker doesn’t always work as well, while for a woman, it is quite the opposite. The older they get, the less chance they think they have, so their libido increases.

It could be that by the time they reach the age of about 40, they don’t care who thinks what about their bodies, but that’s not the issue here. For a woman, sex is better later on in life and for a man, the opposite is often true.

The reason for this being erectile dysfunction. A topic no man wants to talk about. Ever. An embarrassing topic. There is nothing worse than getting ready for having sex, you start to harden then NOTHING!! It all goes away like a flop FLOP.

It doesn’t have to be that way anymore, and it is all thanks to this wonderful little pill called Cialis.

A couple from the UK tested it for a weekend, - because of its name the weekend pill and Cialis passed with flying (upright) colors.

According to them, there were many ‘upsides’ to their weekend experiment, but the only ‘downside’ was that the wife was tired after a while, but the hubby he was raring to go.

He had taken Cialis.

It can be taken with food, with alcohol, it doesn’t matter. Food and alcohol have no effect on it, so it can literally take you back to your younger days. This is not a suggestion that you can use it with enormous amounts of alcohol.

Let me take you back to the core the reason why you have an orgasm, or ’come’, as men like to call it.

It starts in your body’s Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). The system is responsible for your body’s autonomic functions, like

You don’t have to think consciously of these aspects for them to work they work automatically. Erectile dysfunction happens when the ANS malfunctions, which often happens with age, due to stress, various diseases, diabetes, Parkinson's, etc. Depending on the part of the system that malfunctions, the person might experience mild symptoms or some of them might be life-threatening.

For this article, we are only interested in the urinary functions. The area around your groin and bladder and the groin and sexual problems that men experience, For example difficulty with erection and ejaculation

In order for a male to have an erection, that male needs a fully functioning ANS. Without that, you are unable to get an erection. Your ANS literally restricts your blood flow to your penis.

See the problem? No blood, no girth.

And it’s all because of an enzyme called PDE-5.

This is where Cialis comes in. Some clever doctor decided to experiment with a bunch of mice and gave them the enzyme that inhibits PDE-5 = aka Tadalafil. Basically, your ANS generates too much PDE-5 and Cialis’ key ingredient Tadalafil, inhibits this.

The result is an erection.

Tadalafil causes your blood vessels to expand, to let blood flow more freely and then when you are aroused, the blood flows to your penis, as there is no restriction.

Please see infographic below

Why not just use Viagra?

This is a very interesting question and the reasons I wouldn’t just use Viagra is that Cialis is just better than Viagra, for the following reasons.

To be fair, I have stated all the positive effects of sex, erections, using Cialis, etc in the former part of this article, so to be fair I will list what side-effects this drug contains.

I have listed them in the infographic below by likelihood and severity.

The most common side effect is a headache, because of the opening of the veins to improve blood flow.

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