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Tadalafil. How safe is it?

What do we know about Tadalafil?

Tadalafil is an active component of many drugs that treat ED. A PDE-5 inhibitor, which has many advantages.

  • Tadalafil’s length of action is a whopping 36 hours!
  • It doesn’t need to be taken with meals only
  • Starts working 20-30 minutes after intake.
  • It offers two ways of consumption - daily or on demand!
  • Dosage of daily use is much smaller than other similar medication. - 2.5 mg vs 10 - 20 mg
  • Offers many different generics

The most famous brand name of it is Cialis, but there are also a lot of cheaper generics (Vidalista, Megalis, Tadacip, Tadagra, Tadalista), that work the same.

It was one of the first drugs on the market for ED. The first manufacturer Eli Lily. Eli Lily also christened Cialis and gave it its name in 2003. It was approved by the FDA in 2003. The patent ended in 2017, thus allowing it to be sold as a much cheaper generic medication.

Who are the prime users of Tadalafil?

  • It is used both for pulmonary hypertension treatment as well as ED treatment.
  • In situational usage for ED it is considered to be 10mg pill once a day before intercourse.
  • On an everyday basis, ED is treated with 2.5mg once a day.
  • In cases of PH, a large dosage of 40mg once a day is a common prescription.

Is it safe?

It has proven to be extremely safe in numerous studies conducted by universities and laboratories.
This study has shown that Tadalafil at 10 mg and 20 mg improved erectile function irrespective of the type of diabetes, presence of microvascular complications, or type of diabetes treatment. It was both safe and effective, though rare mild side effects were reported.

It is advisable to consult your medical practitioner before consuming any medication. This drug contains an ALLERGY WARNING! Perhaps, you may harm yourself if you have allergy to this drug. It would be better to check if you have it in advance. Ask your doctor, what tests can you pass to reveal if you have it or not.

Typical allergic reactions are:
1) difficulty breathing
2) swelling of your face /
lips / tongue / throat
Checklist before starting Cialis:
1) Do you have any of the risk factors?
2) If you have allergy?

If the answers after testing are negative coupled with permission from your medical practitioner, you can undoubtedly use it.

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