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Sexual Health and testosterone: ED, PE and T-levels correlation

How does testosterone effect ejaculation? Regardless the fact that testosterone is commonly associated with men's strength, high levels of this hormone makes PE go worse. In balanced proportion, testosterone regulates ejaculation. High levels of it may cause premature, and low levels - delayed ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.

What is normal testosterone level?

It`s difficult to answer this question, as so-called normal level of testosterone differs from person to person. We might have provided some numbers here, but this, but it may confuse you even more. A statistics-born number will only harm you, as your personal norm may differ a lot.

What we know about it, is that it has a tendency to raise at puberty and decline after 30 years.

What is PE? It is a men's trouble to have satisfying sex because of cumming too fast. It can't be always defined as a sexual disorder, because some men are just built to cum fast. Usually scientists treat it as a problem when ejaculation comes in less than 4 minutes after penetration. In the meantime, doctors treat PE when a patient or his partner isn't satisfied with the duration of intercourse they have.

What is ED? Also known as impotence, erectile dysfunction is inability to get or keep erection firm enough, which cause low sexual desire in result.

How to understand, if testosterone is low or high?

You can pass a blood test, if you are interested. But there is nothing to bother about if you have no symptoms, or troubles, connected with inadequate T-levels.

Let us see the check-lists of low and high testosterone symptoms.

Symptoms of low testosterone:

• erectile dysfunction, or problems developing or maintaining an erection

• other changes in your erections, such as fewer spontaneous erections

• decreased libido or sexual activity

• Infertility

• rapid hair loss

• reduced muscle mass

• increased body fat

• enlarged breasts

• sleep disturbances

• persistent fatigue

• brain fog

• Depression

Who is prone of having low testosterone?

There are several risk factors, which you need to avoid or try to fix.

1) Extra weight does nothing good for your testosterone. On average, an overweight man has lower testosterone levels, therefore, if improved diet and sports schedule, levels go rise up.

2) Inactive way of live can make T-levels too low and harm your health in general. People who sit too much before the computer, those who don`t go outside, risk to harm their hearts, bones, memory and their sexual life in result.

3) Anabolic steroids may permanently stop testosterone production after you quit it. Consequently, low T-levels are ensured.

4) Some other medications may cause decrease in testosterone, so you shouls undoubtedly ask your doctor about possible side effects of the medications he prescribes. (some severe painkillers may result in such a way)

5) Prolonged stress can harm your T-levels as well. Lack of sleep or insomnia, long-time anxiety, ruined regime of a day – all these factors can cause LT.

There are some other risks that you should consult your doctor about.

6) high cholesterol levels

7) high blood pressure

8) drinking too much alcohol

9) hypothalamic or pituitary disease or tumors

10) injuries, injection treatments, or tumors, or other conditions that relate to your testicles

11) Various inherited diseases

12) diabetes, Aids

13)Liver diseases

14) Treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy

What is TRT and how does it affect men's health?

The testosterone replacement therapy is known as an effective solution for ED associated with age. But this therapy is not for everyone who has low T-levels. Sometimes, people have low testosterone, but haven't any symptoms listed above. So TRT is not worth its side effects, if low testosterone levels don't result in any sexual troubles.

Can you use any sexual supplements when you have low testosterone?

Definitely, “yes”. But there are some effective and ineffective drugs. There exist different active components of drugs that fasten blood and increase erection. We can divide them into several categories.

Active component

Examples of brands



Stendra, Avana,



Viagra, Kamagra, Revatio etc.



Cialis, Adcirca, Vidalista etc.



Levitra, Staxyn, Zentiva, Crescent, Mylan, KRKA, etc.



Duratia, Tadapox, etc.



For those who have ED:

When you have low testosterone, you would better choose between sildenafil brands, because, according a study in Greenfield Health Center, MA, USA, sildenafil happen to raise testosterone levels, when prescribed to cure ED. Therefore, you can kill two birds with one stone: get rid of low testosterone symptoms and boost your sexual life.

For those who have PE:

Unfortunately, PE pills don`t cure low testosterone levels. In fact, there was no found correlation between T and PE.

Although some traditionally ED pills might help in PE and low testosterone treatment. You will need to consult your doctor anyway.