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Benefits of Kamagra

Kamagra is one of the most popular and effective erectile dysfunction treatments on the market now. An available affordable and high quality alternative for Viagra brand with a revolutionary active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate in it. Let’s take a closer look on why this brand is a Viagra killer

As we mention the active ingredient stays the same: Sildenafil Citrate, which is used to treat men's sexual problems by helping penis raised and keeping erection. This is achieved through the inhibition of PDE-5 enzymes, which are primarily located at penile organ area. By relaxing smooth muscles connected to this enzymes the blood flow is getting increased and a man achieves strong and sustained erection.

What are the main benefits of this brand with an attractive name reminding Kamasutra and Viagra blended together?

Kamagra and its price.

Kamagra presents us the highest quality product with much more affordable price. Thanks to Ajanta pharma company which needs no introduction, Kamagra pays its attention for every detail of manufacturing process and seeks to meet every customers need. This is achived due to absolutely transparent company policy, which works on reputation rather than exclusive branding or cheapening price against the quality like many other generic companies do. Based on this we are going to next Kamagra features:

Multiple forms of Kamagra.

As we mentioned before Kamagra always seeks to meet the customer needs. Kamagra was the first generic presented such forms as: Kamagra Oral Jelly, Kamagra Soft and Kamagra Effervescent.

Adding those forms gave a lot of usability to it. Now you do not need to swallow tablets with a glass of water. You can chew it, resolve it or dissolve it in a glass of water and simply drink it as a cocktail. You can choose among tastes of vanilla, pineapple, banana, orange, grapes, caramel or strawberries. Whatever you like. It's not a boring drug pill.

Apart from more convenient use it also gives better starting times, moving closer its onset of action.

Can also treat PE.

Rarely, it is used for premature ejaculation treatment, because it is potent to reduce some symptoms that may cause PE. One of the causes of PE lays in psychological field. Kamagra is of course a better confidence maker so it may release those worries and partly help to overcome premature ejaculation.

Also It can help you recover faster from orgasm so you are not losing your erection after the ejaculation and thus can have your desired pleasure non-stop. Let’s look closer to its administration route and see what can be done to receive maximum of that fabulous pill.

Can enrich your sexual experience.

According to some user's reviews on Reddit, sexual practice with Kamagra does not feel the same as without it. It is something different. In the most cases all ED drugs, and Kamagra as well, don't increase any sexual drive or desire. So they cannot heal a decrease of libido. They just make it physically possible to happen longer, feel yourself more confident and of course make your partner happy. Watching your partner having the biggest pleasure empathetically creates mirroring pleasure to oneself and thus expands overall satisfaction. It can boost your relationships on another level, and for many users this is the most important.

There are many advices and cautions how to use it, to-do and not-to-do lists, that you can easily find either on medical forum, or on Reddit. Let’s look at those to have a full picture of Kamagra.

For different forms, there are different prescriptions:

1) Kamagra tablets is swallowed as a usual tablet 30-50 minutes before an action.

2) Kamagra Oral Jelly is dissolved on the tongue. The benefit of Oral Jelly is that it will not disagree with you, if you have any stomach problems. It is taken 15 minutes before intercourse. (Can be referred to as Kamagra Cream, jelly, gel)

3) Kamagra Polo and Kamagra Soft (chewable pills) are just the same as tablet. Unlike usual tablets, Kamagra Soft is dissolved faster because it should not be swallowed. You can put it under your tongue or chew it. If you swallow it by chance, you will have to wait for the effect more, as when in mouth, the adsorbed Sildenafil goes directly into blood.

You should control dosages of Kamagra. Take it only once a day. A dose of 50mg or less is ok if you are taking Kamagra for the first time. Some special cases when Kamagra does not work in such dosages, needs medical therapist consultation and gradual increase of a dose. One of the main benefits of Kamagra is that it is unlikely to cause intoxication or something more serious than common side effects.

Do not drink alcohol after you have taken Kamagra. Alcohol drinks may have a chemical reaction with Kamagra, resulting in worse side effects. Usually people tend to ignore these precautions, as they get used to such conditions, when alcohol helps them to escape anxiety and perform well. However, the following side effects will stand on the way to any pleasurable experiences. Headache, dizziness, facial flushing, indigestion, diarrhea and other common side effects may become stronger after alcohol even in smaller amounts.

There are some other cases, when you are restricted to use drug. Do not use it without consulting a doctor, if you have or had something from this list:



~Hereditary pathologies of the retina

~Trauma of penis


~High or low blood pressure

~Conditions when sexual activity is contraindicated (heart attack, stroke, band surgery in the abdominal cavity)

Do not take it if you are:

~underaged (what do you need it for?)

~over 70 (with typical health problems)

Do not mix it with:

~other PDE-5 inhibitors or ED drugs.

~ nitrates

~donators of nitrogen

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