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About us

Welcome to ALTRPHARMA, the most trusted and reliable pharmacy generic market with the impeccable customerservice and the most permissive reship policy in the industry. We offer premium quality generic preparations and highly convenient platform to order. We work to provide comprehensive and intuitive purchasing practice with no hassle here or there, coupling it with our main priority, to be fully attentive to our customers needs. Doctors, patients and thousands of people rely on our products and we are happy to see our relationships become stronger day by day.

Products Place

Our store is centre-piece facility linking the most respectable andwell-known Indian pharmacy manufactures. We are official distributors and have 24 hours/day direct contact, which makes it possible to immediately operate any stock requests.

The endemic interest of people to circumvent “brand-name” price tag nonsense, made it possible toprovide the best value for money with pharmacy-grade quality and constant development.

The latter brings the huge variety of forms, dosages, active ingredient mixes and flavours, whichmakes it even more appealing against costly “brand” competitors.

Quality control

All the products listed on our site have been passed the long chain of inspections beginning fromthe deep market research to the authorised laboratory testing.

We will never give any second chance to the manufacturers with bad lab results. Quality willalways remain one of our main priorities and you can rest assured that words fake, under-dosed and low-quality are completely out of our store vocabulary.

Expedite shipping

We were lucky to meet the best international carriers in India and build the flagship deliveryservice: fast, cost-effective and fully track-able. Our goal is to erase the feeling that international shipping is something long-term and make the process as smooth as ordering from the neighbourhood pharmacy. Most of our orders are delivered within 5-7 working days with notification on every shipping step.

All packages are shipped with maximum discretion through the safest routes which makes it possibleto promote nearly 100% shipping success rate even for countries with stricter border control. No matter where you are located at, we can guaranty that our shipping standards will pleasantly surprise you.